Preparing for the Alp

We'll have an "Atelier Ouvert" at the Buvette des petits lacs from 17. - 27. July and perhaps longer. If You'd like to walk by - Welcome!!!

Finally obteining the water-resistant casein tempera to paint the outside rocks ;-)


From the entrance

Ingrid's works on the wall


"Wutmonster" from Ingrid Käser

Some of our works matched together perfectly and our Curator knew how to combine them in space. Here Ingrid's three dimensional work, installed with her friend Claudia Steffens-enn and our curator Tatjana Marusic in the passage: "Möglicherweise eine steife Brise" under my paiting "Dance in the Village"

Another incidentally matching example is Ingrid's painting in the back with the monkey called "bisduwiederkommst" and my bean bag "Tournoyer".
All the paintings and drawings on this Photo are from Ingrid Käser.